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To water, or not to water, that is the question


To water or not to water, that is the question. The most important one if you want to keep your home jungle healthy and growing. My answer is simple – don’t. Wait, I don’t mean “at all”. Just don’t do it if you’re not sure whether it must be today. It’s better to break up with your plant for a day or two than be the overprotective one in your relationship.

But, the dilemma continues. When to water, which pot should I use, which soil, where should I put the plant. And sometimes, even if we do everything right, the plant dies. Just like that. Because they do. And if you think that having only one plant is easy and NOTHING could go wrong… Newsflash, it doesn’t matter if you have one, five or fifty plants. I know someone who killed the only palmtree in the house. Reason? Overwatering. Which is the biggest issue when caring for indoor plants. Forgetting to water is a close second.

When plants don’t look healthy we often rush to give them more water and 90% of the time it’s a mistake. For example: slow growth with yellowing leaves is a symptom of overwatering. But many signs of overwatering are as well the signs of underwatering. Confusing, I know. So, it’s all about paying attention.

LIGHT is an important part of indoor houseplant care. When you buy a new plant read about it online and know how to provide it the right amount of light. WATER. If the surface is dry you water the plant. That’s the correct rule for most indoor plants. However, paying attention is more important. Not every plant likes it. Some you water once a week, some twice a week, some once in two weeks. It’s different in Summer and now Winter is coming so I use less water. The days are shorter so whenever the sun is up and not hiding between the clouds I put my plants close to the windows so they can soak up the rays of bright light.


If the soil is completely saturated with water, there is no air for the roots of the plant and the leaves will become limp. If you notice this early enough, you can fix it. Repot the plant. Take it off of the pot and wrap the roots in a paper towel. Leave it for some time, let the towel soak up some of the water. When it’s almost dry, you can repot the plant into a clean pot with fresh soil. Do not water it for a few days. Leave it be. And don’t put it into direct sun until it’s back to it’s old, healthy self.


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All of the pics are from www.haws.co.uk

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