Crazy Plant Lady

When enough is enough? When do you become THE crazy plant lady? Is it at the 30 plant mark? 50? 100? I asked Hilton Carter how many plants does he have? Does he even know? He answered “last time I checked I was around 180”. One hundred and eighty… So maybe we should call it an addiction? Seems more accurate. Houseplant addiction. I googled it. The word “obsession” popped out a lot. Obsession and plant in one sentence… Sounds about right. This has become an obsession of mine. Houseplants. I love them, as much as I love a glass of a good, red wine. And let me tell you, drinking wine in my little jungle is just divine.


Let me play a game of “Never have I ever” with you.

⇒ Never have I ever talk to my plants… I’m drinking.
⇒ Never have I ever cried with joy when I found a rare plant… I’m drinking.
⇒ Never have I ever cried when I lost a plant… I’m drinking.
⇒ Never have I ever put ONLY plants on my bday wish list… I’m drinking.
⇒ Never have I ever bought a #Monstera related jewelry, pillows and other stuff… I’m definitely drinking. Twice.

I think it’s enough, you get the point, right? It’s a new lifestyle. I wake up every morning, feed my dogs and go check on my plants. And when I see something new I immediately message my partner and tell him “we have a new #Pilea baby” or “there is a spider in the plant terrarium, I have no idea where it came from since it’s the closed one, but it has already started to make a cobweb” or “babe, I saw this new #Monstera online, it’s gorgeous, I know we have like 10 already, but I have to have this one”. So yeah, I’ve become this crazy plant lady. With dogs. And I don’t mind. And my partner, gladly, doesn’t mind it either.

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