Forest in a jar

As I kid I lived for some period of time in a house literally in the middle of the forest. It was such a peaceful place to begin with. We had farm animals and a greenhouse. I had my apple tree with a swing where I could spend all day singing and making friends with birds. It must sound weird AF for today’s kids, I imagine. But it was the best time of my childhood. The house was later on sold and it’s been ages since I’ve been there. But I do remember clearly running around in the forest, looking for mushrooms and dry wood. I loved the smell of the air and trees. I do, till this day, go to the forest just to remind myself of those days. And now, I have my little forest in a jar, so I can look at it every day and think about that swing and my father and all the good days from the past.


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The jar is from Zara Home

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