DIY Succulent Terrarium

Plant terrariums are very popular on Instagram right now and I each time I see one I’m amazed. People get so creative, they experiment with plants, jars, soil. It’s very encouraging. That’s why I started to make those. It’s not as difficult as it may seem. I think anyone who has patience and is good with details can make it. If I can make it, than so can you!

Things you’ll need:

  1. A jar. I used a rounded glass jar with open space on the top. Plant terrariums can either be open or completely closed. A closed terrarium should create its own flora and supposedly it doesn’t have to be watered. For my open terrarium I chose succulents, so they will have to be watered once a week, and once a month during winter time.

  2. Soil. Mine is well draining soil for succulents. Watch the label.

  3. Decorative stones. Go crazy with colours, shapes and sizes, sky is the limit. I had only white, tiny stones. As boring as they are, they do match the succulents very well.

  4. Leca. “Leca prepares the best convenience bed for growth of plants due to: ventilating of the soil and root, preventing soil from evaporation and saving water for sponge-like body of aggregate, water feeding adjustment, lightness, insulation, chemically neutral, environment-friendly, cleaner than soil, and no pestilential effects on soil or plants.”

  5. Plants. I used succulents. If you want to use plants other than succulent or cactus it is best if you use plants that need the same amount of water and sun/shade.

  6. You’ll also need a spoon, gloves and a sprinkler.


Ok, so now that you have all of the above you can start preparing a plant terrarium.

  1. Clean your jar very carefully till it’s dry.

  2. Put 3 layers of leca into the jar.

  3. Wash your decorative stones and dry them with towel. Put one or two layers (depending on how tall your jar is) of stones.

  4. Now it’s time for soil. Fill you jar halfway.

  5. Take your succulents (plants) out of the pots. Gently scratch the soil out, not all of it, but as much as you can without damaging the roots. Start planting. The composition is up to you. You can plant 1, 3 or even 7 plants in one jar. And if the jar is huge then do more. It always looks better when the plants are close to each other. The more the merrier!

  6. When you’re done planting, put some stones in between plants. You can also use undergrowth, seashell or forest cone. Tuck them all in.

  7. Sprinkle your plants and you’re done! And remember, do not overwater your open terrarium.

  8. Show me your terrarium when you’re done! Have fun!




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