Senecio rowleyanus

I have a love-hate relationship with senecio. I couldn’t find it in my local florist shop so I bought 3 cuttings online.


Beautiful, right? All of them died within a month. I was searching for an answer to the question “what the hell did I do wrong?” all night. Over a bottle of wine, obviously. Sadly, there was no answer. I did everything right, according to the Internet. Could the mighty Internet be wrong? I don’t think so, probably not. But what about my senecio?

Over the 3rd glass of Merlot I read some stories that were just like mine. It died. Why. At least I knew I was not alone.

So, I did not give up and found another one. This time a full grown plant. I decided to step back and let it grow since it doesn’t need much water.

So far so good. ↓ ↓ ↓ I even went one step further and propagated few strings.











And what’s your relationship with senecio? How often do you water it? Do you propagate? If so, which soil do you use?


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