Botanic Garden in Kraków, Poland

The Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University was founded in 1783 in Kraków on the site of the Czartoryski family garden and covers an area of ​​9.6 ha. It is the oldest botanical garden in Poland. The area, which initially included approx. 2.4 ha, was designed as a French baroque park, within which collections of medicinal and ornamental plants were arranged. In 1976, the Botanical Garden of the JU was entered into the register of monuments, as a valuable natural object, a monument to the history of science, gardening and culture.

Currently, there are about 5,000 species and varieties of plants from around the world in the garden, including almost 1000 species of trees and shrubs and over 2,000 species and varieties of greenhouse plants. Admission to the garden costs 9 PLN.

A few plants from the Araceae family:

Since the mid-nineteenth century, mainly due to the botanist Józef Warszewicz (1812-1866), a traveler in Central and South America, a collection of orchid plants begins to develop. Today it is the oldest and largest collection of this type in Poland, with about 500 species.

One of the greenhouses in the garden is “Victoria” – the name comes from the Victorian “Victoria amazonica” growing in the pool.

An amazing collection of beautiful, colorful Caladium will make a great impression on everyone. It was not easy to get away from them!

My visit would not have happened without Syngonium. Unfortunately, I did not find many, I was expecting a larger collection after I saw numerous Caladium spieces.

This is my first Peperomia Watermelon I found in the botanical garden. Pilea peperomioides planted in the ground is also rarely seen.

In 1966, the “Jubilee” Palm House was opened with a team of tropical greenhouses.

For cacti and succulents lovers:

So, if you’re visiting Kraków this is the place to go!





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