Q&A with Agata @_piesogrodnika_

This is what I like Instagram for! Six months ago Sylwia @sylplants from Warsaw told me there’s this Agata who lives in my town, Poznań, and she’s nice (rare human), and she knows WAY more about plants then I do (perfect!) and she has a plant shop and we can talk and laugh just like regular plant peasants do 🙂 Oh, and she bakes, cakes! @slodki_piesogrodnika

So, without further ado, Q&A with @_piesogrodnika_

Muggle Plants: In the era of “perfect” Instagram, people who put all of their plants into the tub just for the gram, we know that it’s not so peachy and easy. So, let’s start this Q & A with the first plant you killed 🙂

Pies Ogrodnika: I already like these questions 😀 The first plant I killed was my grandmother’s fern, and then two more 😉 I was 13 and my grandmother kept them in macrames. My ADHD told me to swing them every time I passed by 😀 And from my plant collection, the first corpse I collected and said good bye to was Alocasia amazonica. At that time I did not know anything about the care of these plants, so I obviously fucked it up.

Muggle Plants: I did not get along with my first one either 😉 Tell everyone few words about yourself. Do not skip the ZOO! 🙂

Pies Ogrodnika: My name is Agata, I am 18 years old, 12 years ago 😀 I live in Poznań in my small, private jungle with a dog called Japa and two guinea pigs.

In addition to my huge love for plants and animals I sometimes like to bake cakes. My adventure with plants began after the death of my grandparents, when I neglected the last 3 plants that were left after them, and then I started to recover them and that’s how it began…

Muggle Plants: Do you consider yourself part of the #aroidaddicts group?

Pies Ogrodnika: 100%

Muggle Plants: Your favorite plant(s) & plant(s) you are currently proud of?

Pies Ogrodnika: I’ve been thinking about it lately. If my house was on fire and I could take only the most important plants for me, I would take two 😀 Philodendron gloriosum and Alocasia dragon scale. This Alocasia is my pride, but I also have a nice Pilea peperomioides.

Alocasia dragon scale <3

Philodendron gloriosum

Philodendron gloriosum 

Pilea peperomioides

Muggle Plants: Share with us Instagram accounts that inspire you.

Pies Ogrodnika: I won’t be original by stating the obvious: @urbanjungleblog & @houseplantclub 🙂 But I also like: @jamies_jungle, @judiths_place, @everydeco, @brina_wonderland and I could go on & on & on!

Muggle Plants: A green place where you would like to go in the near future?

Pies Ogrodnika: I dream of the Caribbean, but only if I win lottery 😛 I usually spend my vacations at my mother’s, who lives in Denmark and I like it very much, because it’s MUM, obviously, and Denmark has a great landscape, lots of forests & sea. That’s my paradise.

Muggle Plants: Do you have any tricks you have worked out while taking care of plants?

Pies Ogrodnika: My main trick is to observe each plant individually and just meet the needs. I experiment a little, for example, I noticed that Alocasia feels best in peat. Maybe, thanks to this, all of mine survived while many people write me their specimens died.

Muggle Plants: Your perfect house in a perfect, green place is…

Pies Ogrodnika: A bungalow on a tropical island, where all the plants so desired by us grow in their natural environment, and reach such sizes that we can only dream of 😀

Muggle Plants: Sounds perfect! I’m going! 😀 And finally, your PLANT WISH LIST for 2018.

Pies Ogrodnika: I’ve already managed to get my hands on some of them, including Philodendron pink princess, and now I hunt for Syngonium confetti and Philodendron mamei.

Thanks so much for the conversation! Fingers crossed for confetti and mamei!

all of the pics are from @_piesogrodnika_

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