Shopping for plants at Ikea

Ikea is a magic yet devouring place where (sometimes) you can find nice plants at a fine price. I will always be for shopping at local plant shops first, but when in Ikea… I mean, common 😉

One time Ikea in Poland decided to put Monstera deliciosa on their shelfs. They imported thousands of Monsteras and sold them for $10. The price was ridiciously low, at that time Monsteras as developed as those at Ikea costed $50 elsewhere. I get it, you can import thousands, so your price can be low. I bought one for myself and one for a place I was interior designing at that time. Both Monsteras are doing great. I have mine hanging on a wall in a macramé. I posted a pic some time ago on my INSTAGRAM

Pots, on the other hand, are not my style. I only bought two large, white, ceramic pots for my Euphorbia and that’s it. I’d rather go pot shopping at TK (TJ) Maxx or local.




Sadly, the stuff at Ikea doesn’t do much with the plants other than putting it on the shelfs. The plants are often so dry that the leafs are falling out. I’ve seen Philodendron with fungus, dead leafs all over the pots, overwatered palms etc. I have no idea if they follow some instructions regarding watering and caring for the garden section. I have no idea if they even have some. In my opinion, watering is random and caring is slim to none. I’m not saying it’s like that at every Ikea, I really do hope that there are some with the most amazing garden sections ever 😉

That’s why: evaluate the condition of the plant you’re interested in. Check both sides of the leaves. Are they green & healthy? If not, don’t buy it. Check the potting soil. Weeds in the pot are the sign of neglect. Funky smelling soil is a NEVER BUY alert. Remember, the fact that the plants are cheap doesn’t mean that you should buy them when they are not healthy!



Alocasia amazonica

Pilea depressa

Pilea glauca

Euphorbia acrurensis

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