Palm House in Łódź, Poland

The Palm House in the city of Łódź (Poland) was first opened to visitors in 1956. It contains approx. 4.5 thousand specimens belonging to more than 1,100 species and varieties from 65 families.

An exotic collection of plants is a living history of Łódź, initiated by Łódź manufacturers. The oldest plants are over 150 years old palm trees. They are complemented by wonderful bamboos, Monstera deliciosa variegata and banana & fig trees.

On March 21, 2013, the monument of the bird „Wróbelek Ćwirek” was ceremonially unveiled (just before the entrance to the Palm House), being the seventh sculpture created as part of the Łódź „Bajkowa” project.

Gallery from the Palm House above the post, just swipe left. Enjoy!

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